Earn $5 From Facebook in 10 Minutes

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Facebook has started a Viewpoint where you can get paid for giving your opinion. To get started you can win $5 from Facebook.

Ways To earn From Viewpoint FB

  • Surveys
  • Task
  • Research

Have you ever imagined that you’ll be paid $5 for speaking? That’s true. The social media giant Facebook offers USD 5 to some selected users to improve its voice recognition technology. They bring this in the name of “pronunciations”. Facebook will record the voice of the users in their viewpoints market research app. They get this idea from other corporate giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. They use this technique and later stopped it due to the complaints that the third party sources were receiving the recorded voices.

Every participant will be asked to record their voice and they should say “hello portal”. Then they were asked to speak the first name of their Facebook friends. The participants have to repeat the name twice. It doesn’t gonna stop with one friend. You’ll be asked to speak for up to 10 friends.

After the completion of the voice work, You’ll be rewarded with US Dollar 5. The reward money will be sent to you through PayPal. But it is not that easy to complete the work. For every set that you’ll finish getting a credit points of 200. You must have 1000 credit points to win the prize money.

facebook viewpoint

Finally, after the completion of all five sets, the participants can receive their money of US Dollar 5 through their PayPal account. The money is given only through PayPal. The external sources said that the recorded voices will not be shared within or without Facebook without the user’s permission.

The “pronunciations” program will be rolled out throughout the world in the coming year. But now it is available in the United States of America.

All the participants must be above the age of 18 years and he/she must have more than 75 friends on their social networking platform.


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