Top 5 Best Selling BLDC Fans
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What is a BLDC Fan?

A Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Fan is an electric fan. Brushless motors are designed so the metal brushes that would otherwise suffer mechanical wear and tear from making contact with electromagnets along the windings do not touch those windings at all throughout their service life which may be considerable when compared to a brushed DC motor; by eliminating brush friction components, these motors have no need for maintenance.

The 7 Benefits of BLDC Fans

1. BLDC Fans are more durable.

2. BLDC Fans have a longer service life.

3. BLDC Fans are quieter and require less maintenance than traditional fans.

4. Overheating is not an issue with BLDC Fan.

5. They consume little power in comparison with traditional fans. They use 28W instead of 80Watts.

6. BLDC Fans work with Remove control, it’s is convenient.

7. BLDC Fans can be IoT enabled, they are smart fans.

BLDC Fan Price

This is new technology and hence it’s a little expensive than traditional fans. You can get the BLDC fan starting from Rs.2400 onwards. Since BLDC motors use less electricity you can save up to Rs.1500 per year per fan. So the extra expense can be recovered in a year.


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