Health Benefits of Yoga

In today’s competing and hectic world all of us have completely forgotten about our lifestyle and mental health! You can surely join a gym and work on your body with all the supplements but your mental health is something which is being affected and you can’t join a gym for that.

The term “YOGA” originated in INDIA where all the god and goddesses used to live earlier and not only ethical or cultural but YOGA do come with a lot of scientific research which surely is a remedy for your whole health. So, coming to the point let’s jump to the health benefits of yoga.

5 Ways Health Benefits of Yoga

1) Increases Your Strength And Body Posture

Strong muscles are not just for good looks! It adds more to oneself than just looking good. It increases your strength and flexibility. There are also certain postures and asanas in yoga which help us improve our strength. Most of the improvement in endurance and strength.

2) Helps You Reduce Weight

If you search for how to eat food without gaining weight! Then try searching for yoga asana for reducing weight because this will work. But yes! Without spending a penny and heavy workout there is another way for weight reduction “YOGA”. It also increases your metabolism and Asan like Ashtanga, vinyasa, and power yoga will reduce weight.

Scientific fact: A study in 2013 proved that yoga is a promising way to reduce weight loss and maintenance of burning calories.

3) Improves Breathing And Heart Health

Increased vital capacity is something that is much needed in today’s world. Practicing yoga asanas like Pranayam or yogic breath helps you to have a good vital capacity. It also helps to lower the blood pressure which is a huge cause of heart health.

Keeping your heart healthy and free from diseases is a major issue these days but practicing yoga has proven a threat to these diseases.

Scientific fact: Studies show that incorporating yoga into your life could help to slow the progression of heart disease.

4) Maintaining Your Mental Health And Stress-Free life

Finally, sleep!! A proper and wonderful sleepy night is something that our mind and body crave for more than even ice cream! It also has a significant effect on anxiety, depression, and stress which all are common contributors to sleep problems.

Stress and anxiety are the common factors that affect your mental health and yoga is only known for reducing stress and promoting relaxation in our health.

Summary: Studies show that yoga can reduce the level of anxiety and stress which promotes your mental health because it decreases the level of cortisol which is a stress hormone.

5) Boost Your Immune System Functionality

Although meditation has the strongest and best result in improving and boosting our immune system yoga is also a minor part of it. Yoga is all about stretching your organs and moving organs around and this stretching and moving help to increase the drainage of lymph.

The lymphatic system helps us to fight against infections and dispose of the toxic waste from our body.

Scientific fact: oxford university study reveals that yoga is considered a very good practice to fight against infections and improve immunity.


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