Chromium Browser Retiring?

Have you heard about the chromium browser? Most of us don’t! Well, Chromium is a free and open-source software developed by Google.

It was first released on Sep 2, 2008. It was written in C, C++, JavaScript. Google uses the same code of chromium for the development of its Chrome browser. Not only chrome but also many third-party browsers were developed by using the same source code. Chromium’s interface is very minimalist. The main scope of the Chromium is to deliver fast browsing and lightweight. Google Chrome has more features than the Chromium browser.


Recently the Chromium is giving warning to its users to switch to chrome. This warning is given when they visited the chrome web store or any other Google services. Not only to chromium but also to other browsers which have the same source code of chromium.

A recent try out in chrome, chromium edge and Opera shows that Google doesn’t show any warning in chrome and Opera browser when we access to google, Google Drive, and google docs, but on the other hand, the Chromium edge shows a warning to switch to chrome.


Google explains that the chrome helps in hiding ads and protect you from malware. This is the reason given by Google for the pop-up warnings showing in the other browsers.

But the Opera too doesn’t show any pop-up warnings when we accessed the google services. Even though Opera is also based on the Chromium framework.

Well, there is a big competition behind this. We know that Google and Microsoft have a big competition between them for their browsers. Microsoft has pushed users to use Edge on Windows 10. Similarly, Google seems to use the same tactic now. Google wants to bring the heat to the users in switching from Chromium Edge to Chrome. I use Chrome but at some point, Microsoft Edge also works better with PDFs and browsing. Let’s see who gonna lead this industry at the end of this decade?

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